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AHL Arena Being Built On Henderson Pavilion Site

It’s been a big month in news surrounding the AHL and it rolls on today. First, we learned they were coming, then we learned where they’ll practice and temporarily play, we’re pretty sure what they’ll be named which leaves just one more order of business. The location and details of their permanent home arena somewhere in Henderson.

Speaking at the Henderson “State of the City” address, Kerry Bubolz confirmed the location of the new arena for the AHL team.

We’re going to be building a brand new American Hockey League arena on the Pavilion site right here in Henderson. -Kerry Bubolz

The Henderson Pavilion is located on the corner of Paseo Verde Parkway and Green Valley Parkway, across the street from Green Valley Ranch Casino.

We’re looking to build this facility, it’ll be world-class, it’ll be 6,000 seats, it’ll be the perfect size for American Hockey league play. -Bubolz

Bubolz confirmed that the team has already taken over 5,300 refundable deposits for the AHL franchise yet to be officially named.

The Creator did give a slight hint to the name though.

Our AHL team name will include the name of this town, Henderson. -The Creator

The Golden Knights announced yesterday the new AHL will play its home games at Orleans Arena for the 2020-21 season. Our sources indicate that the plan is for the team to play there for two or three seasons while the new arena is being built.

The team name is expected to be Henderson Silver Knights, but it has not been finalized at this time.

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  1. JV

    Las Vegas Silver Knights of the City of Henderson?

  2. AHL

    will Glass and Hague be in Orleans or T Mobile?

    if it’s Orleans, then McPheeCrimmon are a big failure

  3. Does anyone really care where they play. There is a better than average chance they won’t be any better than what you are seeing at T MOBILE. and that is pretty sad. On second thought it might turn out to be a dumping ground for some of the lazy knights who have forgotten what they are paid to do at T Mobile.

  4. Tim

    Green Valley and Paseo Verde works for me. Once again across the street from Green Valley Ranch to house the kids and people who visit good freeway access. Winner Winner chicken diner.

  5. Mike

    Hell no, we who live here don’t what anymore traffic, worst decision by the mayor.

  6. Helene M. Araiza

    Worst place to build a sports arena. Why didn’t they buy land out St. Rose Pkwy away from the middle of the community. The people are going to park in front of people’s houses to avoid paying for parking and the traffic will back up on the freeway at the GVR exit which it does now. Wait until you have 5,000+ people coming to and leaving a game. This is a terrible decision.

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