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Ken Boehlke – In the power rankings of things I love, it starts with my wife, then my dogs, then Las Vegas and sports. Finally, thanks to The Creator, we are getting professional sports in Vegas. Admittedly, I have never been a hockey fan before as I moved away from Chicago literally months before the Blackhawks began their reign of terror. But now that we are getting our own team, in the city I call my own, I’m all in. I plan to learn about the game, the team, and everything there is to know about hockey, and I will share my experiences along the way right here on The Sin Bin. Diehard hockey fans don’t fret, we’ve got a full staff of contributors that have followed hockey for longer than I’ve been alive, and in a few years, myself and the rest of the valley will be right there with you. New to hockey or not, we all want the same thing, the Cup on the Strip.

I was born and raised in Chicago and moved to Columbia, Missouri when I began attending the University of Missouri. I graduated in 2009 with a bachelor’s in Journalism (yes, that’s a real thing). I’ve worked in radio stations in Missouri (KBIA), Illinois (WBBM & WGN), and currently here in Nevada for CBS Sports Radio 1140 and Newsradio KXNT.

Jason Pothier – I come from a hockey town, I have a hockey last name, and I have NHL quality lettuce. It’s quite obvious, I’m a puck head. I played the sport as a youth and enjoyed a half way decent career, until my team lost a tournament to an all girls team. Now I’m not being sexist I’m giving the team praise. They didn’t just beat us, they kicked our ass. Including a body check by big, beefy, female defenseman that sent me to the locker room early. From that point I knew my hockey dreams would end soon. However, I continued to love the game.

I’m sorta credible, I’ve been in sports broadcasting my whole career starting off at the legendary WEEI sports radio in Boston. After almost a decade of covering Boston sports, and getting slammed with snow I found myself in Sin City. I joined forces with KB at CBS Radio and now we’re the authorities of hockey in Las Vegas. A town that needs a few lessons on the sport. I start my hockey 101 course in the fall… Make sure you get a spot soon, it’s quickly filling up.

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  1. Bob

    Those are some ugly uniforms. The jersey logo looks like something a kid would draw. Doesn’t look professional. or eye appealing to me.

    • Grant

      Get outta here Bob. Maybe you should root for the Wild. You’ll love their unis.

  2. Jerry Pothier

    Looks to me that you guys know a little about the game of Hockey.
    Massachusetts is the US hotbed for players going to the NHL
    Congrats and keep it going

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