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Marc-Andre Fleury Injury Update

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

UPDATE: (3/22/18 12:28 PM)

UPDATE: (3/22/18 10:58) – Fleury and Reilly Smith skated at City National Arena this morning for about 30 minutes. Fleury was not wearing his goalie gear and he he Smith were stick handling and shooting at empty nets.

UPDATE: (3/22/18 10:30 AM) – Multiple sources have confirmed Marc-Andre Fleury did go through concussion protocol Tuesday night. He passed protocol but was not inserted back in the game as a precautionary measure.

The team still does not believe he suffered a concussion but remain cautious. Fleury is not with the team in San Jose. They have yet to rule out having him join the team in Denver.

It remains unclear when he may return but the concern that it could be season ending is considered minimal.

UPDATE (3/21/18 5:55 PM) – Oscar Dansk has been recalled by the Golden Knights. He will join the team in San Jose tomorrow. This confirms Fleury will miss at least one game.

UPDATE (3/21/18 1:03 PM)


Following the 1st period of the Golden Knights game against the Vancouver Canucks, goalie Marc-Andre Fleury was removed from the game due to what is believed to be an injury.

I haven’t heard nothing yet. Trainers told me he’s not coming back tonight. That’s it. -Gerard Gallant

Fleury did not return to the bench the remainder of the game.

He did take a shot to the mask with approximately 10:00 minutes left in the period on the play shown below. The trainers did not examine Fleury at that time nor did they during the TV timeout that followed about four minutes later.

No, I have no idea. I thought it hit him, caught him in the chin. Either the cheek or chin. Hopefully he’s alright. Not sure if that had anything to do with it. Hopefully, it’s nothing with the head. -Brandon Sutter (Vancouver player who took the shot)

Multiple sources have confirmed to that Fleury was being examined for a head injury, likely following concussion protocol.

Fleury suffered a concussion in the Golden Knights fourth game of the season on October 13th. He missed 25 games during that stretch.

Golden Knights Likely Exempt In Next Expansion Draft

Phew, that could have hurt. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Some good news on the horizon for the Golden Knights in relation to the future of the NHL. It appears evident that Seattle will join the league in the near future and will be afforded the same Expansion Draft rules Vegas had back in June.

The caveat however is that Vegas is expected to be completely exempt from losing a player to the Seattle Kraken team.

The Golden Knights aren’t likely to be part of the Seattle process at all, according to a source. There’s no reason to expect them to be put in position to lose a player because they’re not going to be sharing in the $650-million fee the Oak View Group will be asked to pay if/when the NHL accepts its expansion application. That was part of the deal the league struck with Golden Knights owner Bill Foley when he was granted the 31st franchise. –Chris Johnston, SportsNet

That means The Creator will not be cut a $20+ million check, but I’m sure he’s willing to make that sacrifce to ensure his roster remains fully intact.

Winner winner chicken dinner. Now, I’m actually looking forward to the next Expansion Draft.


The worst team in the NHL came to T-Mobile Arena to take on a team that recently re-found themselves as one of the best in the NHL. The game played out exactly like expected. Vegas scored twice in the first five minutes. They added one more in the 1st and another in the 2nd. However, Marc-Andre Fleury was removed from the game at the end of the 1st period, he did not return to the bench the remainder of the game.

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Vancouver Canucks at T-Mobile Arena.

  • What happened to Fleury? We’ll have a full update on the site tonight.

Three Stars
*** Tomas Tatar
** Cody Eakin
* Jonathan Marchessault

How And When Marc-Andre Fleury Was Credited With The First Goalie Assist In Team History

Flower is a point machine! (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Marc-Andre Fleury has been a part of a lot of firsts for the Vegas Golden Knights. He was the first to record a win, first to take a penalty, and the first to do pretty much everything else goalies can do except for record a shutout (Oscar Dansk stole that one from him). Quietly, and with a little help from a teammate, he also became the first goalie to be credited an assist in a Golden Knights game.

It happened on February 23rd, the last time the Vancouver Canucks came to T-Mobile Arena. Here’s the play.

Fleury kicked the save out to the boards. There’s a board battle in which Jon Merrill shielded the Canucks player away from the puck, however, neither Merrill nor Thomas Vanek gained possession of the puck. The next to touch it was David Perron who fired it up to Tomas Nosek. The rest is history.

Initially, only one assist was awarded because the scorekeepers must have believed Vanek got the puck, but looking closely that never happened.

So, Fleury should have earned the assist as he was the last to touch it, but it wasn’t until a fellow Golden Knight went out of his way to challenge the ruling that the first ever goalie assist became official.

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Special Podcast: Pacific Division Recap – Episode 2

It’s episode two of the yet to actually be named Pacific Division focused podcast. Jesse Cohen, host of the All The Kings Men, and Ken Boehlke of discuss eliminating the NHL Draft, the final playoff spots, awards, and a bunch of other random sidebar conversations while attempting to make it through the seven teams they are supposed to be talking about.

“Get To 97 Points, That Was The Goal”

Playoffs baby! (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

With the win last night the Golden Knights improved to 46-21-5 on the season, good for 97 points with 10 games to go. They still haven’t clinched a playoff berth officially, and the Pacific Division hats remain boxed up, but according to All Star head coach Gerard Gallant, the objective of the regular season has been completed.

It’s good any time you win a hockey game and it’s a big win tonight. Get to 97 points, that was the goal. It didn’t start out pretty but at the end of the day we played a real good second and third period and that was a key for us. -Gallant

Think about it, an expansion team who was projected by just about everybody (including this ridiculously biased website) to finish near the bottom of the league came into the season with a goal of reaching 97 points, and they hit it, with three weeks of games left on their schedule.

Since the league went to 82 games and 16 playoff teams, no team with at least 97 points has ever been left out of the playoffs.

Officially, the Golden Knights are seven points away from clinching a playoff berth, still needing to eliminate two Pacific teams or three Western Conference teams. (You can read more about that here) But as far as we’re concerned, playoff hockey is coming to Vegas. Just don’t tell Turk quite yet…

You said 97 points was the goal for the season, so am I allowed to say playoffs yet?

You can say it but there’s no “x” beside our name right now, so that’s the key. -Gallant

So I am allowed to say it?

Getting closer to it. -Gallant

Close enough, we’re doing it…

The Golden Knights are going to the playoffs!!!

Cushion Effect; Were The Golden Knights Too Far Ahead To Stay Focused?

Frustration seemed to bring the best out of the Golden Knights. That’s a good sign moving forward. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

A former NHL player told us it’s easy for top teams to get comfortable at this time of year. He said it’s really easy to feel that way when a team is leading their division by double digits. The cushion effect theory certainly seemed to be coming true over the last handful of Vegas games.

On March 13th, the Golden Knights lead the Pacific Division by 12 points. Before puck drop on Sunday, VGK’s lead was cut in half.

We weren’t happy with the way we played over the last couple weeks. We had some real good games in there. We had some games where I thought we played okay and lost… I thought tonight’s game was really important. -Gerard Gallant after the game Sunday

That was All Star head coach Gallant after his squad woke up from their slumber. Prior to the game, the word of choice was urgency.

For me, we have to have a little more urgency in our game. We’re playing okay, we’re playing fine but there’s got to be a little more urgency. -Gallant prior to the game on Sunday

We brought up the idea of the standings cushion being a possible reason for the lapse. Gallant was on board.

I understand it. You look at the standings and say ‘you know what, we’re in a good spot right now’ but we got to look past that and get ready for every game. I think if every player can pick up his game two percent that’s all we need. -Gallant

After their microscopic rut, the Golden Knights are back on track but one win against the Sharks and that cushion would be back to 10. Not saying we want them them lose game in the near future, just after seeing the way they responded when the urgency returned to the game last night, maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing if San Jose keeps breathing down the Golden Knights’ necks from here til April.


After a mini-team meeting and a very angry locker room following the four game home losing streak, the Golden Knights were expected to come out guns blazing on the Sunday afternoon game. That didn’t happen as they were outshot 20-6 in the 1st and couldn’t seem to generate much offense. Then, the 2nd happened, and the old Golden Knight returned to the tune of four goals in less than 10 minutes including a natural (three in a row) hat trick by William Karlsson. The final period was about one thing, donuts, and Marc-Andre Fleury delivered the shutout necessary to earn everyone Krispy Kremes.

Upcoming stories from the Vegas Golden Knights vs. Calgary Flames at T-Mobile Arena.

  • We found a historic statistic for the Golden Knights, but we need to talk to David Perron before we share it.
  • The standings cushion giveth and the cushion taketh away.

Three Stars
*** Colin Miller
** William Karlsson
* Marc-Andre Fleury

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Alex Tuch Was Once Ranked 12th In The World At Video Game NHL

Hopefully one day he’ll be 12th in the world in the actual NHL too. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

This may be hard to believe, but there was a time not too long ago when Alex Tuch was a better virtual hockey player than he was a real one. It was a time when Tuch was leading the Boston College Eagles to the Frozen Four having been drafted 18th overall two years prior.

The time was 2016, when Alex Tuch, along with two fellow NHL prospects, ranked among the best players at EA Sports NHL 16.

Me and a few buddies in college, we were 12th in the world in online play. -Alex Tuch

Those buddies are Thatcher Demko, 36th overall pick in 2016 by Vancouver and starting goalie for the Utica Comets, and Austin Cangelosi, undrafted free agent currently in the New Jersey Devils system. They were two of the six top scorers and the starting goalie for one of the best NCAA hockey teams in the country, and they were even better on XBox.

Either one of us played or two of us played together. We worked our rank up and had about 400 games played. We would play when we had down time or didn’t have games. -Tuch

He doesn’t, however, attribute much of his video game success to his success on the real ice saying the video game doesn’t really teach much about the actual game. That being said, he did take at least one thing away from the hundreds of hours dominating nerds through the TV.

I had a breakaway in the game that I actually used last year. Backhand, forehand, backhand, it always worked in NHL (the video game) so I used it in a game. -Tuch

It’s what college kids do, play hockey, go to class, and play video games. -Tuch

And if you are Alex Tuch, you kick ass at all three. Well, at least two. I have no idea how he did in class, but frankly, who really cares when he’s putting up 30 points in his rookie season… in the real NHL.

The Golden Knights Don’t Pick Their Starting Lineup Like You Probably Think They Do

Ever been sitting in the seats at T-Mobile listening to the names announced in the starting lineup or been sitting at home watching the faces scroll across the top of the screen and thought to yourself, why are these players in the starting lineup tonight?

Normally, you would simply assume that the best players start the game to allow them to get the most playing time, but in hockey that’s not always the case. With the Golden Knights, the nearly every player on the team has drawn into the starting lineup at some time or another. There’s no question the top line is Smith, Karlsson, and Marchessault, but sometimes Carrier, Bellemare, and Nosek hear their names announced as starters.

The guy in the net is really the only name that matters. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The standard explanation for this is that there would be a strategical advantage to start a certain line and certain defensive pairing. Normally that would be to match up the lines against what the opponents put on the ice.

It’s a lesser-known fact in the NHL, but at every stoppage of play the away team chooses their players first and then the home team gets to react and pick their players (except for icings when all players on the infracting team must remain on the ice). So, for the starting lineup, the away team picks, and then the home team gets to pick to match.

However, with All Star head coach Gerard Gallant, he goes with a bit of a different method.

Sometimes it’s to reward guys for a real good game the game before. Sometimes it’s coach’s superstition. Marchessault’s line won four or five games in a row so you just start them. And then some night’s it’s who the other team starts. When you are the home team you sorta look at who they are starting. Some coaches match real hard, I’m not a big hard matcher.  -Gerard Gallant

He literally doesn’t care.

To be honest with you though it’s a coin toss for me. -Gallant

So the next time you think, why the heck is that guy in there to start the game, just know…

It’s insignificant. -Gallant

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