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Final Payment Strikes Again

The ghost of John Spano just doesn’t seem to want to stop haunting the Vegas Golden Knights franchise. (If you haven’t read that story, or watched the 30 for 30, do it now.) First it was The Creator not being invited to the most recent Board of Governors meeting. Then, George McPhee found himself without an RSVP to the GM meetings. Lastly, or so we thought, it was Vegas not having the ability to sign undrafted college free agents. Well now you can add another one to the list.

The league hasn’t officially set the date on which Vegas can start making trades, but a source said that once Vegas has made its final expansion-fee payment, the team could get the green light to start trading. –Pierre LeBrun, ESPN

The Creator is expecting to “accelerate” that payment up to late February or early March, which would give McPhee the chance to participate in the trade deadline this season.

I doubt we will trade for any current players prior to the expansion draft because we really won’t have a team. We are getting clarification on the situation wherein a team would like to give us a draft pick so we would give up our right to a player in the expansion draft and similar activities but we believe all of those machinations will occur during the 72 hour window prior to our completing the list of players we would receive in the expansion draft. -The Creator

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Interview: CMO Nehme Abouzeid On Documentary Premier

Golden Knights Chief Marketing Officer Nehme Abouzeid talks about the Behind The Vegas Ice documentary first airing Wednesday. We also discuss the parachute team debacle, the Black Clover brand and the team store, merchandise, and more.

Here are the Facebook events for the Born and Raised watch parties. BAR Vegas and BAR Henderson.

More info on the watch parties coming…

Teams Can’t Retain Salary Of Exposed Players

With any set of rules there are inevitably going to be loopholes. Since becoming the Vegas Golden Knights GM, it’s been George McPhee’s job to find them, and subsequently take as much advantage of them as physically possible. The problem is, every time one comes up, the league tends to shut the door on it.

Could other teams retain some salary of players taken in the expansion draft by the Golden Knights? In the end, deputy commissioner Bill Daly got back to McPhee last week with the answer: no. Teams will not be allowed to retain salary on players taken in the expansion draft. –Pierre LeBrun, ESPN

LeBrun went on to explain how McPhee could still make it happen by utilizing trades, but one has to continue to wonder, what happened to the whole “NHL is trying to help Las Vegas” storyline?

Obviously the league wants to make the Expansion Draft as fair as can be for the new organization as well as the existing 30, but this one seems like a miss. Using LeBrun’s example, if the Kings are willing to take half of Dustin Brown‘s salary off Las Vegas’ hands, why aren’t they allowed to?

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Beyond Analytics; Three Other Areas McPhee Should Be Focused On

If you listened to this week’s podcast then you heard me geeking out on advanced statistics. For instance, we talked how SF20/SA20 is a more accurate way to measure a player’s overall impact on the ice. Or how 5v5close can help coaches decide what players to trust in tight situations. Numbers like SF20/SA20, PDO, and 5v5close should help scouting departments as much as, if not more, than +/- rating, SOG, and TOI. However, you can’t measure all hockey skills by advanced statistics. Superstars and third line players are all important when it comes to situational hockey. Here are a few effective skill sets the Golden Knights will look to add in June.

Players with speed are important to competing teams for many reasons. The more obvious are odd-man rushes, chasing down pucks, and keeping defenders at bay. More importantly fast players create scoring chances some of which you can’t measure. Andrew Cogliano may not show up on the box score but his nightly impact is felt. Cogliano is one of the NHL’s faster players, and his ability to move the puck from the defensive to offensive zone is invaluable. The time it takes the former Wolverine to receive a pass and skate it to safety is much faster than the average defenseman. Cogliano may already be off the ice before Anaheim scores but his zone speed had as much impact as the shooter. Same goes for many second or third line speedsters. Whatever team creates the most scoring chances usually ends up winning.

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Best Photos From Golden Knights Unveil Ceremony

Kind of crazy it’s been almost two weeks now since the Las Vegas NHL Expansion team turned into the Vegas Golden Knights. Feels like just yesterday we were still trying to read in between the lines of Bettman quotes just to see if we would be getting a team at all. Hopefully the next 10 months go as quickly.

Last Tuesday is a day that will forever live with the team, and the crowd that showed up was truly incredible. I expected less than 1,000 people there and images that we would be trying to hide for the next 50 years rather than promote. Instead, Las Vegas showed up and showed out as somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 people made their way down to Toshiba Plaza two days before Thanksgiving to learn one word (Golden/Silver/Desert) and see two pictures (logos).

To honor that amazing night we decided to gather some of the best pictures and share them to keep proving to the world that Las Vegas is not only a hockey city, we are ripe to become a hockey mecca.


Maverick Helicopters


Maverick Helicopters

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Where To Buy? Vegas Golden Knights Apparel Guide’ unofficial guide to where Vegas Golden Knights apparel is sold in Las Vegas.

Official Team Outlets

T-Mobile Arena Team Store
3780 Arena Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89158
Hours – Noon-8pm, 7 days a week

Authorized Off-Strip Retailers

SportsTown USA
Downtown Summerlin (10975 Sage Park Dr Q-190, Las Vegas, NV 89135)
Hours – 9:30am-9pm Mon-Sat, 10am-7pm Sun
(702) 263-0528

Uniform Sports
South Outlets (7400 S Las Vegas Blvd #46, Las Vegas, NV 89123)
Hours – 9am-9pm Mon-Sat, 9am-8pm Sun
(702) 869-1640

Galleria Mall (1300 W. Sunset Rd. #2729, Las Vegas, NV, 89014)
Hours – 10am-9pm Mon-Sat, 11am-6pm Sun

Meadows Mall (4300 Meadows Lane Suite #130 Las Vegas, Nevada 89107)
Hours – 10am-9pm Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm Sun

First and Goal Sports
Rhodes Ranch (5130 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89148)
(702) 749-7733

Sideline Sports
Centennial Centre (7701 W Tropical Pkwy #130, Las Vegas, NV 89149)
Hours – 10am-9pm Mon-Fri, 9am-10pm Sat, 10am-6pm Sun
(702) 395-1057

Dicks Sporting Goods
Galleria Mall (1300 W. Sunset Rd. #2729, Las Vegas, NV, 89014)
Hours – 10am-9pm Mon-Sat, 11am-6pm Sun
(702) 855-5000

Lids/Lids Locker Room
17 Nevada Locations

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Guest Post: It’s About Identity

Here at we strive to be the voice of the Las Vegas valley when it comes to talking about the Vegas Golden Knights. At times we’re critical, at times we’re overly supportive, but at all times we want one thing, to see a successful hockey franchise here in Las Vegas. We believe that’s what you want to, and that’s why we created Guest Posts to give fans an opportunity to speak out about their feelings, positive or negative, on the team.

It’s a sentiment we disagree with, but have heard many say, write, and tweet. Here’s our next Guest Post, written by Matthew Snyder.

If I bought an expansion team, I’d want to name them the Super Rebels. I don’t care what sport, I’ve already decided. But I’d stop to consider the community in which I’d be setting up shop.

The reason the arrival of a professional sports team is a seminal moment for a community is because it brings with it an identity – a validation, even – particularly significant for a historically transient city such as Las Vegas, which has been largely devoid of a rallying purpose since the days of our beloved Jerry Tarkanian.

I was born and raised in Las Vegas and couldn’t have been more excited to learn that our most unusual metropolis had been awarded its first professional franchise. If IKEA was like getting the MLS, this was the real deal.

Read More Podcast #46: Parachute Drama

Jason and Ken talk about the parachute controversy, the head coach situation, and more. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • We learn what Las Vegas means in Spanish.
  • Jason’s knowledge of Anchorman is nearly as pathetic of Ken’s hip hop knowledge.
  • Autographs vs. Selfies
  • Golden Knights Parachute team “looking into” hockey name.
  • A quick look into the possible coach options.
  • The alternate Blackhawks logo we referenced.

And much more…

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GM Worrying About Cheating, But We Should Be Worried About Them

A big talking point at the GM meetings, which George McPhee was not invited to, was the idea of under-the-table deals with free agents. Current GM’s are afraid McPhee and Las Vegas will take advantage of their two day window before the Expansion Draft while McPhee’s concerned unprotected players will already have deals in place with their existing teams.

The league has weighed in and said they are planning on punishing teams that try these antics.

There has to be a high level of diligence to make sure those things don’t happen and to make sure people know there will be significant penalties imposed if they were to screw around with the rules. –Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner

If we found a Club circumventing Expansion Draft rules, there would be a significant penalty, likely the forfeiture of draft picks. The most likely analog would be the 1st-Round Draft Pick penalties that are specified for violations of Expansion Draft rules. -Frank Brown, NHL VP Communications

I have two questions about this so called loophole in the rules. First, who is more likely to take advantage of the rules? Second, how would the league ever figure out someone had an under-the-table deal in place to sign a free agent which “circumvents the expansion rules?”

Let me explain using an example similar to one we’ve used before. Patrick Sharp is an unrestricted free agent come July 1st, 2017. Until that day, only the Dallas Stars can negotiate a contract extension with him. However, Las Vegas will have the opportunity to speak to Sharp for two days prior to the Expansion Draft. 

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UNLV Hockey Earns Division I Status

Huge news from the UNLV Skatin’ Rebels today as the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) announced UNLV has been elevated to Division I status effective at the start of the 2017-18 season.

It’s a giant step forward for hockey in Las Vegas, not only for our program, but with the addition of a National Hockey League team, who have become a great partner and advocate of our growth. -Zee Khan, UNLV Hockey GM

On the ice this year the Skatin’ Rebels are flat out dominating. Sporting a 15-3-0 record they are ranked #1 in the ACHA D2 Men’s Hockey -West rankings.

Becoming the furthest west ACHA DI program, we look forward to providing an opportunity to play at the most competitive level in the ACHA, to a number of players looking to continue their playing careers. -Khan

Huge congrats to GM Zee Khan, head coach Anthony Greener, and the entire UNLV Skatin’ Rebel family.

Brand new NHL team, Division one college team, and massive practice facility to assist youth hockey. If it wasn’t clear before it should be now…

We are The Valley Of Hockey!

Note: The ACHA is an alternative to the NCAA. The Rebels have been competing in the ACHA D2.

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