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Home Field Will Be Much Tougher To Maintain Than Home Ice In Vegas

Way before the NHL announced a new franchise, critics wouldn’t stop bringing up home-ice advantage in Las Vegas… or a supposed lack there of. We’re not dumb, we know there will be other fans at the T-Mobile arena. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict the impact, but I personally think it’s overblown, especially if the team is good. The NHL doesn’t seem all that concerned either. Forty-one home games will be hard for visiting fans to consistently take over. Eight games seems far more feasible. And you know what league plays eight home games?

Thankfully, Mark Davis and his terrible haircut are still a few years away. However, he’s the one who should really prepare himself for a weak home-field advantage. Even the ghost of Al Davis can look up the reaction around the country. NFL fans are anxious for the Raiders relocation. Good for the NFL, bad for the team. Right? Ha, that’s what critics said about Vegas hockey. However, the Golden Knights play 33 more home games than the Raiders. It’s a formula that could spell trouble for the relocated franchise.

Las Vegas native and Pro Bowl linebacker Brandon Marshall is all about relocation. Marshall plays for the Broncos, so a quick trip home is a bonus. That also means Denver fans are a quick trip away as well. Marshall tweeted out his Bronco pride and confidence his fans will travel to Las Vegas.

Immediately, Marshall got hundreds of Twitter responses from Denver and other NFL fans. Not many are against the Oakland to Las Vegas swap.

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Unused Logo Considerations Shown In Behind The Vegas Ice

It took five months from the moment Vegas was awarded a team to the day they became the Golden Knights. During that time we would get periodical updates from The Creator on what he, Adidas, and the league were woking on.

Behind The Vegas Ice Episode 2 (watch the episode here) gave us a look at exactly what he was talking about with a quick shot of a wall of options that were considered.

Still image from Behind The Vegas Ice, Episode 2. Aired by Cox Communications, Produced by Levy Productions. In conjunction with Vegas Golden Knights.

There was also another shot of a wall of photos just like this with the Vegas Sign highlighted and a sticky note with the word “local elements” on it.

We have no idea how far along in the process this was, but I have to say, the logo they eventually went with blows everything on that board out of the water.

If you look on the far right hand side of the image you see an early version of the Sword Star logo I personally believe turned out to be one of the best in all of professional sports. The final logo changed a bit, but that one really perked my ears up because it looked like something I thought I had seen before. Check this out…

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Team Contest To Send Fan Rep To All Star Game; Someone Reading This Better Win

I’m not going to the All Star Game in Los Angeles in two weeks. Odds are you weren’t planning on going either, but that could change thanks to a contest being put on by the Golden Knights website.

One fan is going to win a trip for two to LAX, a hotel stay at the OMNI, two private suite tickets to the All Star game and the skills competition, and probably be treated like a king like a Knight by the organization.

To enter, fans can go to and submit a photo and brief description demonstrating why they would be the best choice to represent the Vegas Golden Knights fan base in Los Angeles at All-Star Weekend. is willing to offer any assistance you require in creating your picture. We literally have no lives, and if you come up with a good enough idea that involves Jason or I, we are in.

Here’s the deal though. Whether we help you in your photo or not, but especially if we do, when you win, you owe a Guest Post. We want pictures, we want videos, and most importantly we want some real behind the scenes footage (too soon?) of what it’s like to be treated to something awesome by the Golden Knights.

They are selecting “the best representative of our fan base” to win the contest and take the trip. If the best representative of our fan base is not a loyal reader, I’m going to be livid.

So come on people, let’s win this sh.. jazz. Oh, and if you are a complete loser, happen to win, and can’t find anyone to go with you, I know a guy.

Disclaimer: This is not a serious request. If someone from the team sees this and thinks that I, Ken Boehlke, am trying to assist people in winning the contest so I can go, I am not. It’s supposed to be a joke. I know, I get it, I’m not funny, but seriously, please don’t disqualify readers because I wanted to use two gifs of Simba from the Lion King in an article in a feeble attempt at humor. I’m not even available to go. I’ll be busy running a website that weekend. YES! Three Simba gifs! Seriously though, don’t DQ people cause I’m an idiot. Thank you.

2017 Prospect Spotlight – Martin Necas

TSN’s Craig Button came out with his latest draft prospect power rankings. Leading the board was the expected number one overall pick Nolan Patrick. The Brandon Wheat King is expected to return to after a long lay off recovering from a sports hernia. Ouch. We profiled Patrick way back in 2015, and discussed him as a potential franchise player. Even after missed time, Button still ranks the 17-year old center above any other amateur. However, if Vegas misses out on Patrick there are other potential star prospects. has already spotlighted two of them in Nico “The Knight” Hischier and top defensive prospect Timothy Liljegren. Both could be more realistic options if Vegas doesn’t pick first. If the Golden Knights get bumped out of the top three, the following top prospects should still get fans excited. We’ve talked about the top three and now it’s time to dig deeper.

Fourth on Button’s big board is Czech center Martin Necas. The 6’0 right-hander plays in the Czech Extra League and is known for his competitive edge, which scouts love.

He refuses to be denied when he’s faced with a challenge, and his game will only become that much better as he matures physically. -Craig Button, TSN

Continued mentions of Necas’s competitiveness is what Vegas scouts should like the most about the young Czech’s scouting report.

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Staged Scene In “Documentary” Takes Amateur Hour To New Heights

When the Behind the Vegas Ice television show was first announced it was dubbed a docu-drama, not a documentary. I wondered what that meant, but after watching Episode 2, I now know.

Late in the episode there is a scene discussing the trademark denial and how the organization is handling the issue. Feel free to judge for yourself, but despite the team claiming otherwise, to my untrained eye, the scene is staged, and possibly even scripted.

**Video from Behind The Vegas Ice, Episode 2. Aired by Cox Communications, Produced by Levy Productions. In conjunction with Vegas Golden Knights.**
**For full clip go to, Episode 2, start at 23:11.**

(Camera pointed at an empty door, enter Kerry Bubolz, Vegas Golden Knights Team President. Enters into the office of Peter Sadowski, Chief Legal Advisor, sitting behind a cluttered desk and a pair of computer screens.)


Hey Peter, normally I’d say happy Friday, but I don’t know if you’ve seen the latest version of the Review Journal here, but the sports section… this thing is not going to go away.

(Bubolz sits down a copy of the RJ with the headline “Amateur hour needs to end in Las Vegas”) [Here is that article]


Well, we’ll just have to defend our name, and I’m really confident we’ll keep it.

(The scene continues into a game of Sadowski quizzing Bubolz on professional team names that are shared with collegiate ones. Chicago/Baylor Bears. Philadelphia/Boston College Eagles. On and on they go, playing the game.)


The one I really like, the Grizzlies, Memphis Grizzlies

(Sadowski removes his glasses, cracks a wry smile)


University of Montana.


This is not going to go anywhere, and once we respond to the trademark office, and we’ll make a nice response quickly, this will get resolved. It’s not something we should worry about.


Ok, then I’ll get with the business team and let them know that it’s business as usual, and we’ll start getting ready for next October.

(End Scene)

The official word from the team.

We are pleased with the passionate fan response to Behind the Vegas Ice. While docudramas do allow for reenactments of actual events, this was not one of them. It was a real-time conversation that occurred between our team president and chief legal counsel. With each episode, we will continue to show the inner workings of our organization, on both the hockey operations side and the business side. -Nehme Abouzeid, Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer

That was a real-time conversation? I guess I could be wrong, but to me, that sure looked like a staged conversation to me. It definitely wasn’t behind the scenes, it was just a scene and it was a clear attempt to control the message about the situation, right smack in the middle of what everyone watching thought was a real life documentary about the creation of a real life hockey team. To be fair, there is a part of this that’s on us, they did call it a docu-drama, but it was being mascaraed as something completely different.

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Preseason To Feature 7 Games; 3 At T-Mobile Arena

Usually preseason games are the least exciting item on the hockey schedule for fans, and especially season ticket holders who are forced to pay for them. Meaningless games in which many times the best players don’t even suit up, yet are charged equal to opening night of the regular season.

With an expansion team though, that’s a little different. It truly is the first opportunity fans will have to see a team with Vegas written across their chest play in the world’s greatest hockey league. Not to mention it’s the first chance to get to know the players, see the ice, and get the feel of what NHL hockey in Las Vegas will be like.

In an interview on the Vegas Hockey Hotline (starts at 1:14:40) GM George McPhee gave us some insight on the plans for first games in franchise history.

I’m typically fine with six games with an established club to get ready, but given that we are going to have a lot of new faces we’re going to play seven this year. I’d like to limit the travel, play the teams as close to us as possible. -George McPhee

McPhee recently mentioned the preseason schedule is 90% done.

For now, we’ve got 7 games lined up, it’s just a matter of getting the final word on the Olympics and some other things as to when we confirm. -McPhee

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Trademark Issues To Be Part Of Behind The Vegas Ice Episode Two

Tomorrow night marks the first air date of the second episode of Behind The Vegas Ice, the documentary series chronicling the genesis of the Golden Knights.

The first episode went through the early stages when hockey in Vegas was just a pipe dream to when the team was finally announced. Tomorrow’s is titled “Making A Name for Itself” and its focus is on the ever scrutinized naming of the team.

Photo Courtesy: Cox Communications

The focus of the show is likely to be on the process of naming the team, but a press release about the episode also highlighted the Practice Facility groundbreaking and one other thing, which I think most readers of this site will find particularly interesting.

In “Making a Name for Itself” the yet-to-be-named Las Vegas NHL team celebrates the groundbreaking of their practice facility in Summerlin with Golden Knights’ owner Bill Foley and community leaders in attendance. Unveiling of the team name and logo during a grand celebration front of T-Mobile Arena. The team’s chief legal counsel provides insight into dealings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. -Cox Communications Press Release

That’s right, they are actually going to tackle the trademark issues and show behind the scenes of what went on the night the news broke, and ironically the night Episode 1 premiered.

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Don’t Expect To See A Third Jersey… During The Game

Adidas is taking over as the official supplier of the NHL in 2017-18, Vegas’ first season. Most NHL teams currently have three jerseys, a home jersey which is usually the primary color of the team, an away jersey which is always white, and an alternate. However, with Reebok out and Adidas in, that may change, at least for now.

Multiple sources tell the Star Tribune that all NHL teams will be permitted to have only home and road jerseys next season as Adidas takes over for Reebok as the official outfitter of NHL uniforms. –Michael Russo, Star Tribune

As we await the reveal of the Vegas Golden Knights jerseys, we’ve posted our own mock ups, we’ve seen some cool ones on other sites, and we’ve gotten a few little hints from The Creator himself. Today, we received this note via email.

Just plan on the two primary jerseys with some pre game special jerseys that can be used as charity tie in’s during the year. -The Creator

So, no third jerseys and no more logos in addition to the V-Helmet, the Sword Star, and the Vegas Golden Knights word mark for now.

The expectation is still for Vegas to unveil their first sweaters in late-June, but rumors have surfaced that it could be pushed up as soon as March. June 21st makes the most sense as that’s the date the team announces the results of the Expansion Draft, but June 23rd could work as well, especially if the Golden Knights win the lottery and select first at the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.

Either way, just two, not three jerseys in 2017-18. Saved ya 180 bucks. Podcast #50: Expansion Draft Semantics

We dive into some of the finer rules of the Expansion Draft and how they could impact the initial Golden Knights roster. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

  • Sigma Derby
  • UFAs and RFAs in the Expansion Draft
  • The impact of goalies and their contracts in both drafts
  • Jason’s transgression at a big box store
  • Updates to The Space LV and Monday’s Dark
  • Fan questions!

And much more…

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Picking A Goalie High In The Draft Is A Gamble Not Worth Taking

It’s been the week of the goaltender here on SinBin.goalie, so let’s keep it going by trying to answer the age-old question of “when should a team draft a goalie in the Entry Draft?”

Top five, late first round, 150th pick? There’s an example of just about every option for Vegas to examine. Marc-Andre Fleury was chosen first overall, Roberto Loungo fourth, and Carey Price was picked fifth. Cup winner Jonathan Quick made the Kings happy at pick #72. New York famously did well with Henrik Lundqvist at 200th overall. Some Hall of Famers were chosen late first/early second round like the 20th pick Martin Brodeur, or the 51st pick in the 1984 draft, Patrick Roy. Then of course there’s the first #1 overall goalie in NHL history… Rick DiPietro.

There’s not much of an explanation for this uncertainty. Which means most teams are willing to pass early. It’s not worth “wasting” a high pick on a risky position like goaltending. Scouts describe targeting goalies early in the draft as a massive gamble.

Netminders are a volatile commodity at such a young age, so it’s almost impossible to predict who will mature into the best one, five or six years down the road. That’s pretty much the normal incubation time for goalies drafted at age 18 to begin making a mark at the NHL level. Look across the 30-team NHL landscape and count how many netminders age 22-and-under there are in the league; it’s a very short list. -Kyle Woodlief, NHL Scout

Even the best scouts have a hard time predicting how the player will translate to the NHL. So many young stoppers stand out in the NCAA, Juniors and European leagues, but stumble under the bright lights of the NHL. Over a 17-year period only 40% of goaltenders drafted wound up making an NHL experience. Even more evidence, during that same 17-year period most highly selected goaltenders were a disappointment. Just take a look, I broke down each NHL draft with the highest drafted goaltender and best goaltender in the draft. Notice the stunning lack of overlap.

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